Thursday, July 25, 2013

X-plorers Quick Start

Here's a quote unquote final version of an Xp Quickstart I edited, if anyone's interested.

I condensed it a ton and made a couple conscious changes for space (space in the booklet, not outer space). It's got six level 2 pregen characters and a short adventure. There are suggestions for expanding the mission and a few extra NPCs and critters for the Referee to play with. Also links to the Brave Halfling website and the Google+ community for X-plorers.

The QS prints nicely as a digest sized booklet using the "booklet" printing option if your printer supports it. I've left a few copies around town as  guerrilla marketing.   :-)

Anywho, it fits in your X-p white box, and maybe is useful for pick up games or a quick introduction for newbs. I hope y'all like it! If nothing else, hey, pre-gens. :-)

Apologies to those who've seen this thru the X-plorers Google+ Community already.

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