Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Mars Attacks Miniature Game !!!

You totally should go pledge for it NOW! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1744629938/mars-attacks-the-miniatures-game?ref=live

Download the playtest rules and other goodies too. You may fall in love immediately!
The material below has NO relation to the real game’s playtest, but I was feeling inspired and made up stats for the Martian “Giant Stompy Robot” … then saw the blog post for heroes, and re-imagined it that way too, since the “heroics” mechanic fits well, IMO.

That said, I haven’t seen any vehicle rules and the robot may fall under that umbrella… but whatever, I’m just geeking out here, because I already love the Mars Attacks Miniature Game.

To better understand the stuff below, the lower a stat, the better, because you roll that number or higher on d8 to succeed. The standard board is 8x8, so a range of 7 is immense.

Giant Stompy Robot, imagined two ways:
1)      As huge, bad-ass figure

Shoot: 4+
Fight: 3+
Survive: 3+
Range: 7
Notes: Stomp, Really Tall
That heat ray is deadly at long range, but the enormous claw can really crush you in close combat. It’s very difficult to harm this huge metal monstrosity, so its survive stat is very strong.
Stomp: If the robot moves into a square with enemy models, they must automatically check their Survival skill or be stomped on squashed into a finely spread paste (killed, if that wasn’t clear).
Really Tall: Remember to check for sightlines from the cockpit/robot’s head. It’s hard to hide from such a tall adversary. Conversely, Giant Stompy Robot never received benefits for cover.

2)      As huge, bad-ass Hero unit
Shoot: 5+
Fight: 4+
Survive: 4+
Range: 7
Heroics: 3
Notes: Stomp, Really Tall – as above, Toss
Heroic Ability: Toss: Giant Robot can pick up cars, dumpsters, motor cycles, cows, schoolgirls, etc, that are in the same square with it, and hurl them with deadly force. (It’s probably simpler to just use the “Flying Car” card for each Toss, but nevertheless…) Using Toss, the GSR gains an extra Shoot attack at range 5 with the thrown projectile. The projectile will continue moving 1 to 4 squares past its target square (if roll is 5 or more, subtract 4). Any enemies in these squares suffer an attack at 7+. If any scenery blocks the projectile’s path, it will stop there. If the GSR’s Toss attack misses (rolls 1-4), use the scatter rules to determine where the projectile lands.