Thursday, June 16, 2011

X-Plorers Boxed Set, limited Edition, for sale!

Order now while you still can!

Sorry I'm a few days behind on this "announcement" I put that in quotes because it's not really news anymore, but hey. I also phoned it in by basically copying Jay's announcement from his BLOG. LOL

Just look at that beautiful black and white box set cover!

X-plorers, the retro, science-fiction RPG crafted by Dave Bezio has been given the royal treatment--a box set! I believe that this is the first sci-fi game in the OSR family to have that distinction. John Adams at Brave Halfling has put together a really beautiful package. You can order now, but there's a limited number.

Here's the box contents from the head space cadet himself:

6″ x 9″ Game Box (This is an actual game box manufactured for just this purpose and both the top and the bottom are tight-wrapped) hand numbered from 1-200 by the head halfling himself!
2 Rule Booklets (Player’s Guide and Referee’s Guide)
Cleopatra Station Free Adventure
3 six-sided and 1 twenty-sided dice
2 Ship Deck plans of the Serrona Class Scout and the Mastodon Class Freighter



Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I have seen the Future…

…and it looks GREAT.

By “the Future” I’m referring of course, to the cover for the forthcoming X-Plorers limited edition Boxes set.* My friends, this cover is gorgeous. It’s a stellar (pun intended) drawing by Steve Z that really captures the feeling of adventure, mystery and fun that is X-P.

Look forward to the official announcement by John at in the upcoming days!

* Yes, true believers, only 200 boxed sets will be made, each hand numbered by the Brave Halfling himself, John Adams! A collector’s item if ever there was one!

John may be announcing the official release schedule for the rest of 2011 in the near future as well. Suffice it to say, I am quite excited and I hope you are too.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

4th post of 2011, in which I reveal my bromance with The Destroyer

So with this, the forth 'real' post of 2011, I have exceeded my post count for 2010, and met that goal. Ah, better living through lower standards…. LOL. (the previous post giving a shout out to my new followers, while a crucial and heartfelt gesture of gratitude, is pretty short, so I feel cheap counting it).

So anyway, I’ve come to the conclusion that I have a total man-crush on The Destroyer. I’ve made it my desktop wallpaper so I can gaze upon it all day (I’m even starting to scare myself).

I know in the comic it’s a suit of armor and not an automaton, but I think the movie version is totally perfect. I love the look of it; I’d love to have traps, delts and pecs like that (have you ever tried to work out enough to look like that? I admire the dedication it takes for anyone to pull it off). The dark, harsh-looking iron bands that make up its body, the way the whole thing swells with barely contained flames as it powers up its breath weapon and that its entire [i]face[/i] opens up to let loose the blast. How... eldritch is that? The wonky Jack Kirby flat head thingy and spikes – I’m so glad they kept those details.

A photo was leaked on the internet, that had what looked like pallets and cinder blocks holding its feet in place, so I think there was a real statue built, and I’m not sure how much was practical photography and how much CGI, but it all looks very real to me, and that is really cool too. Compare and contrast with the finale of the Spawn movie where the SFX went all crappy all at once, a sad mess. (in all fairness, that was like, 15 years ago).

At least in the theater where I saw Thor, the sound of the Destroyer’s breath weapon was just a little too loud and had a sort of harsh ugly sound to it, which is perfect for a nigh-indestructible, ultimate weapon, armor-robot, monster thing.

Yes, yes, I know, in the comic, it’s “totally indestructible” but I figure if anything can smash an invincible object (like the Destroyer or the Bifrost) it’s Mjolnir, right? So that works for me too. I take comfort remembering that these movies are reinterpretations of the comix stories, not direct translations. Besides, in a sequel, Odin can just repair the Destroyer or remake a stronger one; he’s [i]Odin[/i], dammit!

BTW: They make a point of showing that Sif is a total badass warrior, as she’s the only one (besides the restored Thor) who can even wound it. GRRRRL POWER!

So in conclusion, I officially declare the Destroyer to be Totally Frickin’ Sweet.

‘nuff said.