Saturday, May 11, 2013

Top 10 things I'm into that proove I'm geekier than ever.

In honor of my milestone Ten Followers, I'm posting a top ten list. I've been nerdy all my life, but I've really become very geeky in the past year or three, and I'm loving it, frankly. Perhaps as I get older my WISDOM has enjoyed a +1.

(in no particular order)

1) Zazzle Store for the Tesla Graphic Novel

1a) A Tesla Graphic Novel, you say?

2) I've become a huge fan of TableTop

2a) and a big fan of Wil Wheaton in general

3) The Big Bang Theory: Not just watching, but understanding most of the science stuff and actually agreeing with Sheldon a lot. A lot.

4) I literally gasped in joy when I saw THIS

5) and this

6) I spend way too much money buying new games and RPGs on Kickstarter

7) I'm developing a KS or two myself...

8) After taking a "Geekiness Test" where it said you can count to 31 on one hand, I had to find out how, and now I do it all the time.

9) I'm a huge cooking geek. Like This Guy and This Guy... and both publish outstanding books or magazines to help us all cook better! I don't just cook, I science my food to excellence!

10) I collect / horde DICE. Even if I don't use them... it's a sickness.

bonus: Zombie Cookie Cutters


(P.S. "Huzzah" might be # 11.....)

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