Friday, May 17, 2013

I'm ready for today's National Holiday

I took today off to celebrate the National Holiday. It's really a shame that the significance of today isn't recognized with Federal Holiday status so that everyone has the proper time to attend the appropriate gatherings.
It's the same with Columbus day, which should be a national holiday in order to allow us to appreciate Italian American culture more fully.

But I digress: I've scheduled a day off, I'm ready to celebrate properly, and I'm quite pleased.

I've got everything I need ready to go:

1) my advanced ticket to the first (daytime) showing of Star Trek Into Darkness, in IMAX 3D!

2) A geeky T-shirt:
Web fluid and spleens not included

3) And some excellent reading material for before the show starts.
I loves it! Me mum was Irish, donchaknow.
I loves it! and me Mum was Irish, donchaknow.


Have a great weekend everyone! Live long, and prosper.

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