Tuesday, February 26, 2013

We can be an odd lot...

Tabletop RPG players, I mean.

One of the best compliments to a game seems to be, "it's easy to house-rule!"  So it's like, "I love it... I only made a dozen or so changes" or it's like the old joke, "I love you, now change." You'll find on the Troll Lord Games forum a few postings of house-rules that are pages long.

But whenever I see people do this, it's clearly with love and enthusiasm for the game they're tweaking, so it's a good sign, I think.  The games with no house rules aren't getting played much, I guess?

(it's just like a good segue) I recently got a copy of the Dagger Kids RPG, and love it!  Review in the next post. 

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