Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My Dagger House Rules

My Dagger House Rules:
I hope they add to your fun!

I prefer Ascending AC, and made a To-Hit progression as follows:
Knight: add level to attack rolls
Dwarf and Elf: add level -1 to attack rolls
Halfling: add +1 for each Odd level
Wizard: add +1 for each Even level   

Class          To-Hit progression
Knight:       +1 +2 +3 +4 +5
Dwarf/Elf:   +0 +1 +2 +3 +4
Halfling:      +1 +1 +2 +2 +3
Wizard:      +0 +1 +1 +2 +2

I changed the Dwarf ability to find things to succeed on 1-5 on d6 instead of Automatic.  I made the Halfling sneak succeed on 1-4 on d6.  I also made Halflings immune to fear (because they’re, you know, Brave). :D

I made all the spells into 4 standard ranges, and added and tweaked the spells a little:
Ranges: Touch; Close 60’ (20); Medium 120’ (40); Far 240’ (80)
(so the 30' spells now reach 60' and fireball is a little shorter, it was the only one at 150', IIRC)

Only new/modified spells listed here:
1st level:
Cure Light Wounds: R Touch; D Instantaneous; The caster heals 1d6+1 Hit Points on themselves or someone else. Roll 1d6; on 1, 2 or 3, this spell also restores paralyzed characters.
Knock/Lock; R Close; D Instantaneous/Permanent; Opens any locked door, or magically locks any door.  The magic lock is permanent until the door is forced open or another Knock/Lock spell is cast on it.

Magic Missile: R Med; D Instantaneous; An enchanted arrow flies from the caster's pointed finger and unerringly strikes the target for 1d6+1 points of damage (no saving throw permitted). Add one missile at character levels 3 and 5. Each can hit different targets or the same one.

Shield: R Close; D 1 minute / caster level; If cast on self, adds 1d6 + caster level to AC. If cast on another, adds 1d6 to target’s AC.

2nd Level:
Pyrotechnics: R Med; D Referee’s discretion, usually instant or 2 minutes per caster level; This spell allows the caster to manipulate fire in one of several ways; by igniting a small flame such as a candle, lantern wick or pinecone; to snuff out a small fire or to change an existing fire to emit think smoke or scorching sparks, or to
make it brighter or dimmer; or stoke any fire and make it grow. The Referee may allow this spell to cause a burning fire take the shape of a rolling sphere that the caster can control with their mind.

Read Languages: R Self only; D 1d6+level hours; The caster may read any written language.  (I'm a big proponent of literacy, LOL)

3rd Level:
Dispel Magic: R Close; D Instantaneous; At the Referee’s discretion, this spell cancels permanent magical spell effects (but not curses) on a character, monster, or item, or in an area 10ft x 10ft. Powerful artifacts may resist this spell entirely or regain their power after a while. Examples: dispel the webs from a Web spell, or a Magic Wall (or section, at Referee’s discretion).

Water Breathing: R Touch; D (Caster's level +1d6) x 10 minutes; Allows target to breathe water the same as they would air.

4th Level:
Cure Serious Wounds: R Touch; D Instantaneous; The caster heals 4d6+4 Hit Points on themselves or someone else and always heals paralyzed characters and cures diseases.

Magic Wall: R Short; D 2 hours; Creates a wall of force, fire or ice up to 20 ft high, 50 ft long and 3 ft thick. The Force wall is invisible and has 10 hit points per caster level for purposes of drilling or
hacking through it. The fire or ice inflicts 2d6 points of fire or cold damage to creatures within 10 ft of the wall. A Saving throw for half damage is allowed. The wall may be straight, curved, or even a ring.
Wizard Senses: R Long D 1 hour; Allows caster to send a mobile invisible “eye” to scout for them. The eye moves at the caster’s running speed. At fifth level, the eye also hears.

5th Level
Minor Creation: R Close; D permanent or special; This spell allows the caster to create real objects of normal quality from nothing, with approval of the referee. Guidelines include a feast for four people,
 rations and water for six or eight people, one suit of armor or one or two hand weapons, a dozen or so arrows, a small tent, 50 ft of rope or two or three sets of plain clothes. The Referee may allow the
caster to create tiny creatures like hamsters, rats or frogs, or even a small servile humanoid, though any creature should clearly be a magical figment and/or last only 1 hour + 10 additional minutes for each of the caster’s levels.

Solid Wall: R Short; D 2 hours; Creates a wall of stone or iron up to 30 ft high, 70 ft long and 3 ft thick. The wall may be straight, curved, or even a ring. These walls are too strong to damage except with exceptional force, at the Referee’s Discretion.

Telekinesis: R Medium; D 1 hour; The caster can move objects using mental power alone. The amount of weight they can lift and move is up to 50 pounds per level.

I also added scrolls, but to cast them, you have to roll 1d6, and roll equal or less than the spell level -5 (so no 5th level scrolls).  If a roll fails and is an even number, the scroll blows up.

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