Wednesday, November 7, 2012

If you can, please donate to Hurricane Sandy relief

I had planned to periodically bump these announcements about Movember throughout the month, but now I have mixed feeling about stumping for donations because of my family ties to downstate NY, New Jersey, and other areas ravished by Hurricane Sandy. That said, [URL=""]Movember donations[/URL] are accepted through the end of Movember.

Obviously, I support the efforts to promote men’s health, but donations to Movember will pay off in the future. There are entire communities made homeless and needing food, water and heat [I]right now[/I]. The flood devastation in the [URL=""]Rockaways Queens[/URL] is amazing, and the rest of the areas hit by the storm will take months or years to recover.  Some may not.

If you or anyone you know wants to help, please spread the word that donations can be made to the [URL=""]Red Cross Hurricane Sandy Relief[/URL] or [URL=""]Direct Relief.Org’s Hurricane Sandy Relief.[/URL]

Actually, my feelings are not mixed.  I'd say if you have just one dollar to donate [I]somewhere[/I], donate it to the Hurricane relief.  If everyone chipped in just one dollar... well, you get the idea.  Thank you for reading.

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