Sunday, July 1, 2012

It's just like a good segue

With the recent announcement that the X-plorers RPG rule book will be hitting brick-and-mortar stores this month, I thought some recent silly little Lego space ships I made might make a fun post.

(or embarrass me publicly, LOL)

I CARE NOT!  These laid out on the X-p combat strip would be more fun than the simple cardboard circles (nothing wrong with those, of course).
Pirate vessel, Class 3: Frigate

UCNP Patrol ship, Class 4: Cruiser
Class 1: Fighter (but which was is fore and which is aft?)
Class 2: Scout
 I made all the black, gray and blue ones from this pretty cool little TIE Fighter Kit:


Wings allow atmospheric flight, though clumsy and not as maneuverable as a true aeroplane.
Scout Ship (perhaps wings allow atmospheric flight?)


Captions are starting to bore me...

Racing ship, perhaps?

No, you can't make me (add a caption, that is)
2 extra guns: 1d6+2 each
"The Black Swine"

The formatting looked much better in the composition than the published version.  I dunno.  :-(

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  1. Ya got a snazzy little fleet going there! Lego is a great, easy way to mock up spaceships. If you're looking for inspiration (and haven't yet seen them) check out:

    -->Neo Classic Space
    -->Brothers Brick (look for the "space" and especially the "microscale" tags)