Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hours. Lost.

This has been by internet grazing for like, 3 days straight... productivity = zero.  This is worse than when I first discovered Angry Birds!  :D

LSB: Lego Speeder Bikes Flickr . . .

Some of these are SO FRICKIN' COOL!

Cyborg Space Marine From Neo Classic Space (Thanks for the link, Jay!)

Some of the things on Neo Classic Space are so amazing, they are as intimidating as they are inspiring!  AMAZING STUFF!

If you're a Lego hobbyist, these are worth checking out just to get ideas of the amazingly creative ways people connect things and use parts to create the illusion of other things.  If you're looking to get into Lego modeling and love Star Wars, dig this book that comes with parts and instructions for eight different models.  All the Brickmaster books are like that.

Or you could simply get your MBA in space ship design...

Don't let the "Ages 6-14" on the boxes bother you.  But if they do, here's a list of Best Lego sets for Adults.

And I'd be remiss if I didn't point out this gem of a book.

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