Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The first manuscript is away!

I’m happy to announce I’ve submitted the first of three manuscripts for X-plorers missions to John at Brave Halfling Publishing, complete with my crude hand drawn maps and sketches that talented illustrators such as Steve Zieser will translate into usable and handsome line and cover art!

I am chuffed to bits, and can’t wait to see John and the others hammer this into a real RPG product, which will literally be the culmination of a year’s old dream come true (what gamer doesn't dream of publishing an adventure they wrote?).

Also, the module will be digest-sized so it will fit into your X-p limited edition Boxed set. Sweet!

It is called The Deadly Dawn and while it's basically a rescue mission, there's a lot of wiggle room for subplots and it is Sandboxy enough for an Old Skool player to run it as they please and damn the plot if they choose. The villain has the potential (I hope) to be a recurring doozy of a nemesis too, which excites me (everyone loves a good villain). I think it should play nicely in isolation from the other two modules we're publishing, but the three should work as a series also. I'm thrilled and terrified all at once. We will keep you posted.


  1. Thanks dude!

    Actually, the other one is in the bag too, I might as well send that over to John with my final map.