Saturday, November 22, 2008

Recipe: Butternut Squash Bisque

Ok, so here's a Real Recipe.
It's perfect for Thanksgiving or all autumn. You can also peel and cut the squash and stick it in the freezer for a couple months. This recipe makes a lot of bisque, and with the butter and cream, it's filling, so you may want to halve it.

Butternut Squash Bisque

1/2 stick butter (4Tb)
1 medium onion, chopped (any will do, but the sweetness of a vidalia onion is nice in this dish)
1 small carrot, chopped or shredded
dash house seasoning
1 butternut squash, peeled, seeded, cut into 1/2 cubes, about 2 pounds.
3 cups apple cider
1 cups water
1 tsp powdered ginger
1/2 - 1 tsp ground nutmeg
dash - 1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/2 cup Heavy Cream

In a big crock, dutch oven, or soup pot, melt the butter and saute the onion and carrot until the onion is tender but not browned, about 5 minutes. Season w/ house seasoning.

Add the cider, water, squash and other seasonings. Cover and simmer about 15-20 minutes until the squash is tender. Blend the soup, either with a stick (immersion) blender or by scooping it in batches into a normal blender. If you do this, be sure to cover the lid with a towel and lean on it hard so it doesn't blow off and paint your ceiling with soup (and scald the shit out of you too!).

Once the bisque is smooth, stir in the cream and adjust the seasoning.

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