Thursday, September 5, 2013




  1. Meatloaf, I popped over here from the X-plorers RPG blog so I could send you a comment. Since the other blog is tied into Google+, anyone without a Google+ account can't make comments. The X-plorers blog fell off my radar because John's main site is down and there is no direct link there. Anyway, I wanted to say nice job on the Quick Start rules. They will be handy. There are a few other things I'd like to share about X-plorers and it's recent developments, but I don't want to use up space here and I have no plans of joining Google+. It would be nice if you guys took some time to drop by the ODD74 forum and give us an update on the X-plorers sub board (I go by derv there). This would go a long way in keeping the game visible for the many who are not part of the Google+ community.

    1. AWESOME!
      Thanks for the tip, Derv, I will check out ODD74 this weekend!

  2. and thanks for the kind words about the QS!
    Dave is the jenious tho. :-)