Friday, September 7, 2012

Too much of a geek to leave it alone

So after buying Zombie Dice 2, a hundred ideas popped into my head for how to do another expansion for the game.  Presented here is my totally unofficial, nearly unplaytested, fan-designed Zombie dice expansion: three new 'hero dice' to add to the game, with two new icons that affect game play.  If anyone owns Zombie dice and wants to make these from regular dice and stickers and play test it, please share your thoughts!

Zombie Dice: 28 Dice Later...
Three new Dice to add to your game:
The Mad Scientist, the Lab Animal Activist and the Bad Ass. Two new icons are also introduced and defined below.
(I will probably ditch or change the Activist, but YMMV).

The Bad Ass is that hard-hitting action hero type who blows up a dozen zombies in a final blaze of glory that affords the heroes a chance to escape once the cast starts getting thinned out.  In 28 Weeks Later, it's Jeremy Renner, but this could be any action hero guy.  Swap the Bad Ass for a standard red die.  The Bad Ass die is red (red plastic, like the Santa Claus die) with black ink and has the following icons:
  1. Feet (In his case, it's strategic withdrawal to reload, not to retreat)
  2. Shotgun Blast
  3. Shotgun Blast
  4. Double Brain (counts as two)
  5. Chainsaw
  6. Chainsaw (see below)
               (the Bad Ass is not your friend)

The Mad Scientist developed the bio-weapon thingy/stuff that mutated and caused the whole Zombie plague.  He of course, works at a secret government laboratory and so has some means to defend himself from Zombies.  Swap the Scientist for a Green standard die. His die is white with blue ink and has the following icons:
  1. Feet
  2. Feet
  3. Double Brain (scientists are smart)
  4. Shotgun Blast (or chainsaw?)
  5. Bio Hazard symbol
  6. Bio Hazard symbol
The Activist represents the people at the beginning of 28 Days Later who release the lab monkeys and unknowingly set the whole zombie plague in motion.  Swap this for a Green standard die. This die is green with white or black ink, and has the following icons:
  1. Feet
  2. Feet
  3. Feet
  4. Brain
  5. Bio Hazard symbol
  6. Bio Hazard symbol
            (the activist is your friend)
The Chainsaw icon represents a grievous permanent wound your Zombie suffers; perhaps lopping off an arm or part of the head.  When a chainsaw is rolled, it counts as a shotgun blast and you keep it for the rest of the game! It is not returned to the dice up after your turn.  Since you keep it, on your next turn, your turn ends after only two more shotgun blasts (essentially, you start each round with one strike).

The Biohazard symbol represents re-exposure to whatever pathogen or mutagen made the zombies rise in the first place, and if rolled by a player who has a chainsaw wound, it heals them!  This is the only way to eliminate a chainsaw die.  If the chainsaw wound is healed in this way, the Bad Ass goes back into the dice cup.  If you roll Bio Hazard and don't have a chainsaw wound/die, it counts as a brain.  Yummy!

P.S.: These are the bullet points? really?

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