Friday, August 10, 2012

S-Corp Announces its New Line of Space X-ploration Robots!

SanSteuben Robotics Corporation (S-Corp) proudly announces the release of its new Independent AutomatoN (SCorpIAN) line of planetary exploration and utility robots!

The “Scorpion” robots are all designed from a common hemispherical hull with an octagonal ring onto which any “limbs” and “tails” are fitted.  The common body design and interchangeable parts make customization and field repairs on remote worlds a breeze.  Multiple configurations are available to suit your specific needs at a fraction of the cost of typical custom manufactured robots. 
Our most popular configurations are shown here: 
the Utility Bot and Scientific Bots

Alternate appendages available
Utility Bot with Mining Drills
A) SCorpIAN Utility Bot.  This is the flagship “Scorpion” bot and the most common unit ordered.   Highly customizable, the configurations vary by task, but typically these bots are outfitted with a full mechanics kit and programmed to perform labor or repairs.  Typical “arms” or a Utility bot include multipurpose grasping claws, welders, cutting torches, sonic saws, augers, or mining appendages.  The two arms need not match.  The unit shown is outfitted with mining drills.  For an upcharge, magnetic feet are available to allow the bot to crawl over the outside surface of your space ship’s hull.  Many repairs to your ship are then possible without the risks of a manned space walk. Cost 9000cr; three to ten of same configuration = 8500cr each.  Ask about our "Fleet" bulk purchase discount program!

Stable over any terrain
"Stubby" Science Probe Bot
B) SCorpIAN Scientific Probe Bot, nicknamed “stubby” for its short legs, is ideal for exploring ruined urban areas, contaminated sites, crashed ships or asteroids, or anywhere that the more expensive scientific exploration model should not be put at risk.  A low center of gravity and six legs make the Stubby very stable over almost any land surface and it remains mobile if up to two legs are lost.  This bot will sink to the bottom of a body of water and crawl along the bottom without slowing down.  Cost 10,000cr.  Buy four or more and they're 9000cr each.

It's like Spock and Stompy had an unholy love child
Advanced Scientific Survey Bot
C) SCorpIAN Advanced Scientific Survey Bot, nicknamed the "Ph.D."  The Ph.D. includes an integrated Scientific kit as well as a Sensor/Survey kit. It even has storage for a spare portable Scientific kit, in case your Scientist needs a spare.  This robot features an advanced computer core, extra scanners, cameras and sampling tools for any sort of scientific inquiry. It can network with up to four Mini Science Probe robots to serve as a command center for automated planetary survey and mapping.  The Advanced robot can radio directly to an orbiting home ship as well.  It has storage space for mineral samples or small alien life forms. This is the only SCorpIAN bot made from two of the hemisphere-and-ring bodies fitted to either end of a cylindrical form to make an elongated and larger body. Cost 23,000cr.

SCorpIAN "ComBot"
The SCorpIAN hull can be outfitted with remote controls and laser weapons for combat use.  Scorpion ComBots are not autonomous AI robots.  To ensure compliance with the First Directive, they are drone robots operated by X-plorers by remote control.

Currently two models are available:
D) SCorpIAN Light ComBot
Note the subtle use of color to denote their aggressive nature.
Light ComBots
The Light ComBot is outfitted with a belly-mounted short range infantry stunner and a standard long range laser gun.  Cost 8000cr.

You know you want one in real life.
Heavy ComBot
E) SCoprIAN Heavy Combot. 
For heavy combat needs, the Heavy ComBot scorpion is outfitted with armor plating, a long range laser cannon and close range anti-infantry pincers, which can double as jaws of life in an emergency.  Cost 15,000cr

Public Service Reminder: Hacking robot AI or deleting a robot's First Directive is dangerous and illegal!  Report any suspicious robotic behavior to S-Corp and the UCNP immediately!


At S-Corp, we specialize in customization.  Contact us today for a free quote! 

Our robotics experts are waiting to hear from you!

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SCorpIAN custom built for the Tanaka Research Rental Corporation (TRRC)

Astro-phone: 1-E-2543-518-445-4223    ssww.SCorp.biz3    inquiries@scorp.biz3*earth


A) SCorpIAN Utility Bot
AC 10  Hp 12  ST 14+  MV 6
Programs: Mechanic, Computers.  Upgrade to add Translation (+500Cr), and/or Advanced processor to increase skills to 12+ (+1000Cr).

B) SCorpIAN Scientific Probe Bot
AC 10  Hp 10  ST 14+  MV 3 – over any terrain, unless totally impassable at Referee’s discretion (e.g. quicksand). (MV 2 with four legs)
Programs: Science (duh), Data, Translation.  Upgrade to add Security (+1000Cr), and/or Advanced processor to increase skills to 12+ (+1000Cr).

C) SCorpIAN Advanced Scientific Survey Bot
AC 11  Hp 20  ST 8+ (Science only) 10+ (all others)  MV 4 (1 in difficult terrain. Being somewhat top-heavy despite its wide leg base, the PhD has to move slowly over difficult terrain and may topple if the terrain is too rough (at the Referee’s discretion).
Programs: Science, Data, Translation, Sociology, Medicine, choose two more.

D) SCorpIAN Light ComBot
AC 14  HP 30  ST na/16+  MV 6   Weapons: Laser 1-5d6,  Range 100; Stunner, Range 20, Ammo = 2 EU per shot.  Bot upgraded with Armor Plating and Damage Resisters.
Humans hit by the stunner ray must succeed a PHYS ST or are rendered unable to move for 1d3 rounds (they can still speak). The Light ComBot fits up to four 100-charge EU clips. See Operating ComBots, below.

E) SCorpIAN Heavy ComBot
AC 16  HP  40  ST na/14+  MV 6   Weapons: Heavy Laser 2-8d6, Range 120; Claws, Range 1 or melee, 2d6 each.  Bot upgraded with Armor Plating and Damage Resisters. The Heavy ComBot fits up to four 100-charge EU clips.  See Operating ComBots, below.

Operating ComBots

Remote control of a ComBot is done much like space ship combat.  Ideally, one X-plorer will navigate the bot while another will operate the bot's weapons.  Anyone with the Computers skill (the Referee may allow Pilot skill also) can make a Computers SC to operate the bot.  X-ploers who don't have the Computers skill can make an INT Saving Throw.

Generally, only one check is required at the beginning of combat unless the operator attempts a difficult maneuver, or the bot is moving over difficult terrain or is reduced to 6 or fewer HP.  If the first SC or ST is failed, the bot doesn't move, but the gunner can still use the weapons.  Any other character can operate the Bot's weapons, adding their own THB to all attack rolls (a Soldier is the obvious choice).

If one character tries to operate the bot and use its weapons at once, they must roll both a Computers SC (or INT ST) and an attack roll each round, both at -2.  The penalty is -4 if attempting a difficult maneuver, running over rough terrain, or the bot has 6 or fewer HP. 

After the initial SC to get the bot moving, the results of a failed SC later in combat are up to the Referee.  The bot may continue on its present course, or stop, or move randomly (which ever is worst would usually be best, if you catch my meaning).  :-)

S-Corp's dirty secret: The company has been mass producing the scorpion robot bodies in their automated factory for months before the introduction of the ComBot model.  Using the existing stock, it's easier and cheaper for them to disable the AI native to the robot "brain" circuit board than to manufacture "brainless" motherboards.  The original designers weren't privy to management's plans to introduce the ComBot as Phase Two of the product roll out.  We all know no one, no one would attempt to make a Robotics SC to hack the bot brain and create rogue killer robots, right?  
A Robotics Skill check will allow a Tech to reactivate the bot's native AI.  Once reactivated, the AI has the same Programs as the Utility Bot: Mechanic and Computers, but its First Directive will be active.  For the Bot to fight, it must be remote controlled or the First Directive must be disabled, with all related risks and side-effects.  Remote-Controlling a ComBot with active AI and intact First Directive is difficult, as the bot will resist attempts to make it harm any humans, and a protracted struggle of this nature may break its AI and make it... unpredictable....

How's this for an Awesome coincidence?  On the day I post this, I discover the Kickstarter for Stompy, the giant six-legged robot you can ride!


  1. Nice models! Are these 25mm scale I take it?

    Cool write-up too--I love that they're like remote ships. Very APROPOS (ha!) given the Mars rover hysteria. :)

  2. It's scaled to this...

    I meant to mention the diameter of the robots dome body can be 1-3 meters depending on the Referee's whims, but probably 2m is about right.