Wednesday, May 25, 2011

To Build a better geek....

Since people are supposed to blog about the professional or private projects they’re working on, I’m going to make an effort to do this in my silly little blog here. I’m going to make it link-tastic as well to help pimp everything to my one reader (thanks dude!).

{re: last post… look how much progress already! Yippee!}

Aside: Goal two: get to 5 followers by year’s end…. That way I’m not like THIS. Not 100% like it, at least.

So here we go:
I’m involved in the re-launch of Dave Bezio’s X-Plorers, a sweet little SciFi RPG that has been re-formatted and made glorious by Brave Halfling Publishing. The re-launched version will be published soon. If you like RPGs, sci-fi, and/or fun, you should totally get X-Plorers. Here’s a review from Grognardia.

For the Brave Halfling re-launch of the original X-P, I helped proof read, is about all. But what really has me jazzed is that I’ve written two adventure modules for the game, which could see the light of day by year’s end (guessing), maybe sooner. When these are published, it will be literally a dream come true! I’ve dreamed of publishing RPG stuff since my high school days of running and playing in multiple AD&D games (the nightmare begins afterwards with the flaming reviews, LOL).

What also has me pumped is that I’m involved with shaping the 2nd edition of X-Plorers, a next generation, if you will. We’re not sure what we’re calling it yet. “X-P 2.0” seems to be a popular working title. By “popular” I mean, none of the other Halflings have yelled at me for calling it that yet (there’s no guarantee they won’t in the near future). Jay of Exonauts is taking the lead on the editing and steering the 2nd edition of X-P, while John at Brave Halfling does the layout. There is awesome art for the BHP Version of X-P that really knocks it out of the park. HERE is a good update from Jay’s Blog about the progress on X-P.

I’m also psyched about this: Arcana Creations, a subsidiary or subdivision of Brave Halfling Publishing, has accepted the manuscript of an adventure module I’ve written for the Castles and Crusades Fantasy RPG, which will make it to publication in some form. I’ve already written a sequel, and have an outline for several more. My ultimate delusion of grandeur goal is to have a usable campaign or adventure path from these adventures. Something like A Hero’s Tale for 2nd edition AD&D. (A Hero’s Tale was totally sweet, grab a copy if you can).

Our robust economy (irony) has put the kybosh on the print publication of my module, Hide in Plain Sight (the original idea was to get Hide in Plain Sight in stores and ready for direct sales like The Secret of Ronan Skerry and A Trick on the Tain). Pat is good people and the goodies I’ve created will be used at some point, perhaps in Arcana Creations’ publication, Ballista.

There’s also an Accessory for C&C about which I’m very excited. It should be easy to port to other games (or we might re-design it slightly with this in mind) to broaden its appeal. I feel comfortable saying it’s a solid product, biased as I am, because it’s been enhanced by the great brainstorming and brilliant ideas and suggestions of Pat and Keith and others at BHP and AC, and not just my own mess of a mind. This one, I am proud of and eager to have it hit the public.

So we’ll see (isn’t that always true?). These things for C&C may end up in print on their own or in the newsletter Ballista, but in any event, I’m psyched to have these opportunities. Between the X-P material I’m working on, and the C&C material we’ll be revisiting soon, I’m very excited to be involved with Arcana Creations and Brave Halfling, and I hope everything is well received. Nothing would be more gratifying than to hear that people have enjoyed one or more of my products and that I’ve had some part in enhancing their RPG fun.


  1. I'm confused. Is “X-P 2.0” the version that BHP is about to release, or something farther out?

  2. No, sorry I was unclear. XP 2.0 is a further out project.

    The re-release by BHP is "Dave Bezio's X-Plorers." It is a reissue, reorganized and with a little copyediting and new art. Think of a CD with digital remastering. Same stuff, laid out differently, a few grammar edits, no new rules or rules removed. So it's the same game as the one you can download from the Yahoo group. The big deal is it will be in a nicely printed pair of books, and maybe even in your FLGS (I think). Some added content like sample ship layouts, a new space combat chart (the only difference is several new ship icons).

    The newer or second edition is not forthcoming at this time, but Dave gave his blessing for BHP to take it and run with it. That's the 2nd edition I'm speaking of, still in the early brainstorming states.