Thursday, March 5, 2009


…so here’s one.

Recipe for an evening (or lifetime) of fun!

2 or more friends

1 or more sets of Polyhedral dice

1 or more pencils

1 RPG , I suggest Castles & Crusades *

Optional: Garnish with snacks (pretzels, cookies etc) and drinks (soda, beer etc)

Mix all. Enjoy.

Lather, rinse, repeat!


A good time will be had by all. :-)

*as you can tell from yesterday’s post, I’ve been playing RPGs since my freshman year of High School, and while I fell off the wagon after college, a couple of years ago I discovered Castles & Crusades. It’s a deceptively simple but rich game, relying more on the player’s imaginations rather than scads and scads of rules (It is easy to add “house rules” if you want to, but it really stands up well on it’s own). The game has awakened a part of my imagination that has lain dormant for a long time, and I’m very psyched about and grateful for that. Download the Quickstart rules and try it. I believe you will dig it. And if you think you wont, I say play it with an open mind and you will still dig it! How's this for an endorsement, Gary Gygax himself loved it!

BTW: The Name of the Game is in honor of the Castles & Crusades society, in their own words: the C&C Society is NOT exclusively dedicated to the RPG known as Castles & Crusades (c), rather that game was created and produced out of respect and honor for the traditions and name of the original Castles & Crusades Society as it existed several decades ago.

The original C&C Society was founded as a chapter of the International Federation of Wargamers in 1968 by E. Gary Gygax, and it was the society which began publishing a newsletter known as The Domesday Book, with a very small circulation but with enormous impact. It was this society that first published the miniatures rules that would become "Chainmail," and the first map of the legendary Blackmoor. From these, the genre of RPGs and "Dungeons & Dragons" in particular would emerge.
The Castles & Crusades Society today was given rebirth as Gary Gygax began to work with Troll Lord Games, and the Society was reestablished, first being used to help support the development of the game system that also honors the name "Castles & Crusades." But the intentions of the Society are much greater!

Check it out here...

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