Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Two of the Best Movies You've Never Heard Of:

1) Duck.


You should see this if you value powerful, subtle movies that move you without bombast, explosions or SFX. But it's not like a French movie where nothing happens, you'll like it.

More info, potentially spoiler-ish: (highlight to read)

Set in a near future America more troubled than our own, but all too plausible, Duck follows Arthur, a widower who adopts a duck and through the duck finds a reason to keep on livingThe movie is quietly moving and well acted. It's got a quirky script and I think most people will enjoy it.

2) Red


A quiet old man finds a reason to live seeking justice after he is wronged, but no one will take accountability for the crime. The film moves at a perfect pace, slowly building tension without ever dipping into boringness. It's beautifully shot in the American (North?)West and brilliantly acted. It's thought provoking and entertaining, and tragically under-priased (to my knowledge, at least. I never heard of it until it showed up in my mailbox... my wife picks good movies for our Netflix, so that's good. In 5 words or less: SEE IT! SEE IT NOW!

More info, potentially spoiler-ish: (highlight to read)

This might, sort of secretly, be a horror movie, which tickles me pink. Check out the clever casting. As Avery, Brian Cox is (as always) amazing. He does a great job of letting the material do it's work instead of overacting like a lesser thespian might do. By the end of the movie, we (and Avery) are left asking, "Who is worse?". When the movie ends with more questions than answers, this is a hallmark of great writing because it's very much like real life. Real nightmare life, in this case.
I've just noticed both of my blurbs have people finding a reason to live. I guess I'm dark, but I love that shit!

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