Monday, October 27, 2008

4:13 PM 10/7/2008

By way of explanation of my last post: Sunday, October 19, 2008
test ...

Apparently, something about Will You Eat the Meatloaf / Apropos of Nothing triggers Bloggers/google's Spam filters, so I've been temporarily blocked while they review the blog to make sure it's 'real'. I guess that's cool, since I support the blocking of spam, but's a real c+*k block for my budding momentum.

I guess it's like in kindergarten when they say one asshole can ruin it for everyone. (I paraphrase. Where the hell did you go to kindergarten?)

Um, yeah, shall I ramble on about current events? By the time this posts (and if I ever get a reader or three, in like, (let's be real) 5 years...never?)....

Anywho. I'm disappointed the presidental campaigns are apparently turning ugly. I'd prefer a campaign where they both say, "this is what I"m offering... XYZ, vore for me if you like that."
I didn't say these posts would be deep.

11:57 AM 10/27/2008

So apparently I'm an idiot and missed the email where google told me I have access to post again. Go me. SOOO computer savvy.

4:28 PM 10/7/2008

I must confess to a fantasy where I develop this huge readership and the phrase "eat the meatloaf" becomes like "drink the cool-aid" meaning that one is totally onboard and "down with" my blog. (not ready to committ mass ritual cult suicide)
... one can dream.....

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